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Commonwealth Sign Company
Commonwealth Sign Company May 27th, 2021

Storefronts With Business Signs Have Advantages

The digital-driven age of e-commerce and online shopping has, unfortunately, diverted many would-be local shoppers into Amazon Prime members. Sure, it’s a free-market, capitalist economy where the consumer can take their business wherever they please, but there’s also something to be said about the value of small, local businesses.

Call us old-school — or perhaps even biased, seeing as we’re Louisville’s #1 commercial sign company — but we truly believe that more people should shop local these days. There are benefits to patronizing a brick-and-mortar establishment that you simply can’t experience when you shop online, and that’s the focus of today’s blog post.


Sign Design, Installation, Manufacturing, and More

Commonwealth Sign Company is Kentucky’s premier signage expert. We’ve been serving the greater Louisville area since 1979, and in that time, we’ve seen the business landscape change greatly. This is, of course, for better and worse, but we want to make our commitment to local businesses very clear: we’re here to make your business visible and eye-catching!

Keep reading below about the value of brick-and-mortar business and what you’re missing out on when you shop online.

Genuine Customer Service

Chatbots and even real people on the other end of the line are no match compared to a dedicated employee who works at a physical retail store. Yes, you’ll have your bad apples here and there, but for the most part, stores in Louisville and around the country do their very best to provide stellar customer service and always treat the customer with respect.

Should you have any questions, special needs, or anything else that the shopkeep can assist you with, they’re generally more than happy to help you out.

Try It Before You Buy It

Buying clothes online thinking that they’re going to fit perfectly is a risky move. The same goes for shoes. It’s one thing to buy something online that you’ve worn before and knows fits you, but then you’re just taking advantage of local retailers and giving your business to soulless e-commerce giants.

Yes, there are services like Amazon Wardrobe, which allow you to try on items before you actually purchase them, but then you’ll have to deal with returning said items should they not fit you. It’s just better to size up clothing and shoes in person; you can work your way to the perfect size since the store has all of its inventory laid out and ready to go.

Person-To-Person Interaction

Some people shop online just to avoid dealing with people. Perhaps this is symptomatic of millennials and their access to technology that reduces the need to communicate in person or even by having a conversation over the phone. But still, many people prefer face-to-face customer service and having a sales associate guide them through the process.

Buying with confidence is often reinforced with someone’s help. You shouldn’t make purchases without being absolutely confident about what you’re buying.

Getting To Hold The Product

Speaking of buying with confidence, we think it’s really important to get a sense of what you’re buying by being able to hold it, feel it, and just see it in “real life.” Tangibility certainly plays into buying with confidence, and we know that our team of commercial sign specialists would much rather purchase something they’ve held as opposed to clicking “add to cart” based on an image they saw online.

Knowing That You’re Supporting Real People

Perhaps the most important thing about shopping locally is that you’re directly supporting small business owners and people that make a genuine contribution to the local economy. We’re firm supporters of downtown Louisville and surrounding shopping centers, and our job at Commonwealth Sign Company is to make sure that these companies get the exposure and visibility they deserve by surveying, designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining the best possible business sign.

Sure, maybe you paid more for something than you would have if you bought it online, but knowing that you’re putting food on these people’s plates is worth more than saving a few bucks.

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As we’ve iterated in today’s blog post, Commonwealth Sign Company is a local signage business that’s built by the people, for the people. If you have any needs related to your company’s sign, please give us a call or visit our contact page!