1. Choosing The Perfect Signage For Your Company

    In the 36 years that Commonwealth Sign Company has been around, we have watched trends come and go and come back again. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is the need to put your company’s name up in lights. At Commonwealth, we are here to help you come up with the perfect sign for your business. Colors Humans are a visual people and our brains are trained to notice lights. But having too m…Read More

  2. Your One-Stop-Shop for Custom Signage in Louisville

    When it comes to custom signage in Louisville, the Commonwealth Sign Company is your one-stop-shop. We can handle the entire process from beginning to end for your business, getting you the perfect signage that promotes your business and brings in new customers. Our team can handle: Design. Not sure what you want your sign to look like? Just need some help with the finishing touches? Our design te…Read More

  3. View the Online Portfolio for Our Custom Signage in Louisville

    Looking for a company that does great custom signage in Louisville? While you may have plenty of choices out there, there won't be any that can beat the quality of Commonwealth Sign Company. Check out Commonwealth Sign Company for yourself today! We've been working with Louisville companies since 1979, creating amazing custom signage that businesses and customers both love. We've work with compani…Read More

  4. Do It For You

    When it comes to branding your business, the sign out front can be half the battle to getting your name known. This means you should not skimp on marketing yourself. Your business sign is generally the first thing a potential customer notices about your business, even before they see your building and more importantly before they see your product. With that knowledge you should keep in mind that y…Read More

  5. 5 Tips for Effective Custom Signage in Louisville

    No one wants to invest in a sign that isn’t effective, because it is a huge waste of money. Make sure that you spend your money wisely by relying on Commonwealth Sign Company! The following is a list of the top 5 tips for effective custom signage in Louisville from the true pros: Color is good, but too much color isn’t good- Colorful signs are very visible and can easily grab attention, h…Read More

  6. Tips on Creating a Logo From Our Sign Company in Louisville

    If you have kept up on our previously blogs, the you already know how important custom signage in Louisville is for your business. Your sign grabs the attention of potential customers, helps you to make a great first impression and shows the world that you are professional and ready to help. However, it can’t do that if you don’t have an eye-catching logo. That is why the experts at the best s…Read More

  7. Affordable Maintenance for Your Custom Signage in Louisville

    Your sign is one of the most effective marketing tools that you have. Think about it, it is a one-time investment that constantly tells the world that you are there. Signs are important, for businesses in every industry, no matter how big or small, but your sign can’t help you if it needs to be repaired. When you need maintenance for your custom signage in Louisville, there is no better place fo…Read More

  8. Top 3 Ways to Make Custom Signage in Lousiville Work for Your Small Business

    When you are a small business owner it can be difficult to justify investing in a sign, especially if you are already on a tight budget. Signs are a great way to bring in new customers and let the world know that you are there, but that isn't all! There are several great tips that can make your signs or banners work for you even more. At the Commonwealth Sign Company we provide professional custom…Read More

  9. Send the Right Message By Relying on Our Sign Company in Louisville

    In our previous blogs we have gone over the importance of a dynamic sign for your business. Just as a good sign can bring in new customers, a bad sign can be equally as effective to drive potential customers away. We have all seen them, signs that just sound wrong, inappropriate or even just stupid. For instance, Dairy Queen famously shocked customers with the slogan "Hey Kids! Scream Til' Daddy S…Read More

  10. Your Source for Custom Signage in Louisville

    Do you feel like your business is just not getting noticed like it should? Do customers and clients just stroll on by without giving your business a second look? It might be time to think about upgrading your sign. Even if you have a state of the art product for a jaw dropping price, customers won't see it if they aren't first compelled to walk through your front door. At Commonwealth Signs we mak…Read More