Some of our products:

  • Letter Signs
  • Free-Standing Signs
  • Architectural Signs
  • Vacuum Form Signs
  • Electronic Message Centers
  • Interior/Directional Signs
  • Wall Signs
  • Readerboards
  • Installation/Service
  • Lot Lights

Sign Materials We Use:

  • Flex Face Material
    This is a very strong material that can be stretched onto large sign cabinets and used as the face of a sign. Graphics can be added with either vinyl or paint.
  • Plexiglas (“Plex”)
    Plexiglas comes in many different colors and can be used in several different situations. Most commonly it’s used as the face covering a channel letter can.
  • Lexan
    Lexan is similar to Plexiglas, but is much more durable and has good resistance to the sun and other harmful environmental conditions. It comes in either clear or white and is most commonly used for letter faces or sign faces of 50 square feet or less.
  • Paint
    Paint is primarily used for painting sign and letter cabinets. We use a Matthews Paint system that gives us great flexibility in matching colors to other widely used paint systems. It is fast drying and leaves a durable quality finish.
  • Vinyl
    Vinyl is a user-friendly material with a quality appearance used to decorate sign faces. Vinyl can also create artistic or complicated graphics that cannot be produced with paint. It is available in many different colors.
  • Jewelite
    Jewelite is a 1″ or 2″ trim material that is attached to letter faces. It comes in several colors or can be painted. Besides finishing off the appearance of the letter, it helps keep water out of letter cabinets.