In the business world, change occurs very frequently. If you’re in a particularly dynamic industry, the flexibility of leasing a business sign instead of getting a loan to purchase a custom sign from us is something that we encourage you to consider. Not only does leasing a sign look good on your company’s cash flow reports, but it’s a fast convenient, and simple way to start advertising your brick and mortar business as soon as possible.

Additionally, leasing a business sign from us can even be written off as a tax-deductible expense. If you have any questions about leasing from our custom signage company in Louisville, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

lease1Geneva Capital partnered with CSC, offer a full range of financing products to meet your commercial sign financial needs. Whether you require one of our standard offerings or a customized program, Geneva will provide a financing solution that works for you & your business. The following are some of the services we offer:

  • Fair Market Value Purchase Option Leases.
  • $1.00 Purchase Option Leases.
  • Start-Up Leases.Deferred Payment Leases.
  • Skip Payment Leases.
  • Equipment Protection Plans.
  • Discount Programs for Repeat Customers.
  • and more…


Why Lease a Business Sign Instead Of a Loan?

With leasing, you are able to customize a program to address your needs & requirements – cash flow, budget, transaction structure, cyclical fluctuations, etc. For example, some leases allow you to miss one or more payments without a penalty, an important feature for seasonal businesses.

100% FINANCING. There is very little money down with leasing – typically the first & last month’s payment are due at the time of lease signing. Since a lease does not require a down payment, it is equivalent to 100% financing.

FAST & CONVENIENT. Leasing allows you to add equipment or upgrade equipment under similar terms. Leasing can also allow you to respond quickly to new opportunities with minimal documentation. Credit decisions are usually made same day.

dreamstime_xxl_16285451 (1)TAX BENEFITS. The IRS does not consider an operating lease to be a purchase, but rather a tax-deductible overhead expense. Therefore, you can deduct the lease payments from your business income. Also, because lease payments are treated as expenses on a company’s income statement, equipment does not have to be depreciated over five to seven years.

IMPROVES CASH FLOW. Lease payments are historically lower than loan payments, hence conserving cash for other uses. Also, by leasing equipment you know the amount & number of lease payments over the life of the leasing period, so you can accurately forecast cash requirements for your equipment.

LEASING IS SMART. Eight out of ten companies lease some or all of their equipment, according to industry research. Why do they lease? Because the flexibility provided by leasing allows them to have the most effective operation possible. Companies that lease tend to be the most entrepreneurial & competitive.