1. Invest in Your Company’s Future with Custom Signage

    Imagine finding a product online that you just have to have. You figure out that the store that sells the item is a small Mom & Pop shop. You get the address and the directions on how to get there. You’ve never heard of this store even though you have lived here for quite sometime. So you’re driving to find the store and your GPS says that you have reached your destination but all you see …Read More

  2. Our Sign Company in Louisville Has the Sign That’s Right for Your Business

    When it comes to signs, there is no one-size-fits-all solutions for businesses. The kind of sign you need is going to depend on where your business is located, what kind of building you are in, and your budget. That's why you need to work with a sign company in Louisville that offers a variety of signage options and can help you find the one that's right for you. Commonwealth Sign Company has all …Read More

  3. How Our Sign Company in Louisville Can Help You Meet Your Business Goals

    As a business owner, you are always searching for ways to help boost your business and increase your bottom line. Sometimes the simplest things can be the solution we've been searching for. You might just need to make a call to our sign company in Louisville! Take a look at the signage around your business, and ask yourself the following questions: Does the signage clearly indicate where your bus…Read More

  4. Did You Know You Can Lease From Our Sign Company in Louisville?

    Did you know that Commonwealth Sign Company offers a leasing option on new signs for your business? Our sign company in Louisville offers this affordable, convenient option to local businesses because we want to help you get the signage you need. Why should you consider participating in our leasing options? Flexible terms Very little money down Fast and convenient upgrades Helpful for cash flo…Read More

  5. The Common Wealth of Signs

    Just like you, our business is our lively hood. We believe in our brand, we believe in our product and we want everyone to know about it! You and us, we aren’t that different. We work hard to put our name out there and branding is half the battle. Any experienced business knows how important branding and marketing yourself can be, and Commonwealth Sign is here specifically to help you do just th…Read More

  6. The Easiest Decision Yet

    With thousands of sign options, be sure your business stands out against the rest with Commonwealth Signs. We are a full service sign company in Louisville, that will not only make your sign, but will help you design it, find the right spot for it, and install it. Our goal is to grow your business by making you stand out. We do this with bright signs, vivid colors, strong materials, and attractive…Read More

  7. Find the Best Location for Your Sign with the Help of Our Sign Company in Louisville

    You can drop way too much money on the perfect, custom sign, but if no one can see it then there is absolutely no point. Finding the right location for your sign is just as important as the actual sign itself. If you are looking for the guidance that you need for the placement of your sign, then you have come to the right place. We are the Commonwealth Sign Company, and our incredible sign company…Read More

  8. Tips on Creating a Logo From Our Sign Company in Louisville

    If you have kept up on our previously blogs, the you already know how important custom signage in Louisville is for your business. Your sign grabs the attention of potential customers, helps you to make a great first impression and shows the world that you are professional and ready to help. However, it can’t do that if you don’t have an eye-catching logo. That is why the experts at the best s…Read More

  9. Electronic Message Signs From Our Sign Company in Louisville

    Many businesses are constantly updating their customers about sales, specials and other great deals in some way or another. You usually have to buy a new sign to announce these things, and that can get old, pretty quickly. Wouldn’t you love it if you could just update your existing sign, rather than buying a whole new one? With the help of our sign company in Louisville, now you can. At Commonwe…Read More

  10. Send the Right Message By Relying on Our Sign Company in Louisville

    In our previous blogs we have gone over the importance of a dynamic sign for your business. Just as a good sign can bring in new customers, a bad sign can be equally as effective to drive potential customers away. We have all seen them, signs that just sound wrong, inappropriate or even just stupid. For instance, Dairy Queen famously shocked customers with the slogan "Hey Kids! Scream Til' Daddy S…Read More