Exterior signage is something that every brick and mortar business should have. Without outdoor signage, businesses are missing out on potential opportunities to attract customers and generate sales. 

At Commonwealth Signs, our sign shop in Louisville, KY has designed, manufactured, and installed high-quality exterior signage for businesses and commercial properties throughout the area. If you haven’t yet utilized exterior signage outside of your business, consider a few of the essential functions they serve:

Draw Attentions

Exterior signage helps businesses captivate potential customers’ attention as they drive by or walk past your business. With exterior signage in place, people will be more likely to notice your business, which can help boost sales and create new customer relationships.

Sparks Interest

When you have exterior signage that can grab the attention of potential customers, having the right design and branding in place is a surefire way to spark interest in your business. Potential customers are more likely to interact with a business that has a welcoming storefront and clear, appealing exterior signage.

Claims Your Location

Especially when surrounded by competing businesses, prominent, tastefully sized exterior signage can do wonders towards helping your business become established in the location it is in. 

Effective Advertising

Even in an age of digital marketing, a professionally-designed business exterior sign can help your business or brand stand out. Great exterior signage lets potential customers and clients know that your business exists and what it offers. 

Get Exterior Signage for Your Business

The benefits that exterior signage offers are often overlooked, so we hope that this has served as a good reminder. If you are interested in getting exterior signage for your business, you can trust Commonwealth Signs. We have proudly provided the Louisville area with high-quality exterior signage for years. Our sign design experts know what it takes to get your business noticed, and we’ll work closely with you to create something that will not only grab the attention of customers, but that also perfectly matches your branding.