Sign Company Louisville

If you have kept up on our previously blogs, the you already know how important custom signage in Louisville is for your business. Your sign grabs the attention of potential customers, helps you to make a great first impression and shows the world that you are professional and ready to help. However, it can’t do that if you don’t have an eye-catching logo. That is why the experts at the best sign company in Louisville have come up with this list of tips to help:

  • Keep it simple- The most memorable logos are not the ones that are overly complicated or intricate; they are the logos that are simple. A good example of this is Apple. Their logo is just one apple with a bite out of it, and people all over the world know exactly what it means.
  • Allow for versatility- You will use your logo on  everything from your sign all the way down to your business cards, and anything in between. You need a logo that can work well, no matter what scale it is on.
  • Make it unique- The only way that you can ensure that your logo will help you stand out from the crowd is by making it identifiable and unique. The goal is for create a logo that your customers will be able to identify you at first glance.

Creating a logo on your own can be hard work, especially when you consider what a big part of your business it is. Luckily, Commonwealth Sign Company has your back. Our professionals can take even the most basic ideas and turn them into something incredible. Contact us today to learn more.