With thousands of sign options, be sure your business stands out against the rest with Commonwealth Signs. We are a full service sign company in Louisville, that will not only make your sign, but will help you design it, find the right spot for it, and install it. Our goal is to grow your business by making you stand out. We do this with bright signs, vivid colors, strong materials, and attractive logos.
When it comes to picking out what kind of sign you want for the face or interior of your business, we give you only the best material choices. We use:

  • Flex Face Material

The perfect material for jobs that need a little extra strength and flexibility. Flex Face stretches onto large sign cabinets and can be used as the perfect base for both vinyl and painted graphics!

  • Plexiglas

Great for colorful signs, this material is easily used to cover channel letter can, giving your business the perfect POP of color.

  • Lexan

Plexiglas’s older brother. Less colorful but ideal for covering letter can’s that are being hit with the elements 24/7. This material is known for its durability.

  • Paint

Perfect for painting sign and letter cabinets. Our paint materials give us incredible flexibility in color matching as well as finish.

  • Vinyl

The classic material for intricate and artistic sign faces. Vinyl allows us to produce the perfect sign for you no matter its complexity.

  • Jewelite

Letter can siding. We use jewelite as the sidings for our lettering because it comes in a multitude of colors and can be painted to match any design we do.

Feel confident in the choices you make when promoting your business. Let Commonwealth Signs help you make your easiest decision yet & determine the material that is going to give you the look you want. Check out our gallery here, or visit our pintrest for even more sign ideas!