For some, winter is a mountainous playground with bountiful opportunities for fun and recreation. For others, winter is a hassle that makes driving dangerous and discourages the desire to be outdoors.

Protect Your Sign, Protect Your Business This Winter

What does winter mean for your business and its sign? With dark days and the occasional snowstorm here in Louisville, there’s no better time to maintain your company’s sign and make sure that passerby know that you’re there.

Here are a few brief sign maintenance tips provided by our Louisville sign company:

  • Get Your Electronic Components Inspected — Have a light-up sign? Insects, dirt, and debris can and will damage the inner components.


  • Cover Your Business Sign With A Shade — If you haven’t covered your sign yet and you’re able to do so, this is a great way of protecting it from inclement weather.


  • Safeguard The Foundation — If your sign is placed deep in the ground, make sure there’s no standing dirt or water next to it. If the ground is retaining a lot of water, consider digging a trench to direct this water flow.
  • Keep It Clean — Your sign is a potential customer’s first impression of your storefront.



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