In our previous blogs we have gone over the importance of a dynamic sign for your business. Just as a good sign can bring in new customers, a bad sign can be equally as effective to drive potential customers away. We have all seen them, signs that just sound wrong, inappropriate or even just stupid. For instance, Dairy Queen famously shocked customers with the slogan “Hey Kids! Scream Til’ Daddy Stops.” Now this sign presumably means that the children should bug their dad until they stop at Dairy Queen, but it comes across as something much worse.

Don’t be one of the many businesses that scares customers away with an epic business sign fail. Put your trust in a sign company in Louisville that has the skills and the experience to help you to create a sign that will actually benefit you. At the Commonwealth Sign Company we pride ourselves in being Kentucky’s most reliable sign company, and the best part is that we offer a full range of services. We not only offer sign manufacturing and installation, we can also offer you design and maintenance as well.

Your sign makes an impression on every single customer that drives, rides or walks past it. Don’t send the wrong message or make the same mistake that Dairy Queen did; ensure that you are making a positive impression on each and every one of your customers by turning to us. We offer great deals on our quality custom signage. Visit our site or contact us at 502-368-7554 today to get started.