When you need to advertise for your business, there is a lot to consider. How should you do it? If you think that you can get a bunch of business by just having a ad in the paper, great! What about a banner over the door to your business? That will get some traffic for sure. At CommonWealth Signs, we believe in the saying “go big or go home”. There is no better way to advertise your Louisville business than with one of our signs. We have several different types of signs to choose from.
Our standard signs are made from a sheet of aluminum. We can fabricate letters and designs that will accentuate your business. You can place your sign on the wall above your business and we guarantee that no one will miss your sign as they drive by.
A freestanding sign is one that does not go on the building. These are usually seen next to the street and have the ability to be elaborate and eye catching when they are illuminated.
Custom Banner
Sometimes a huge sign is not necessary for your business and sometimes the building that your business is in doesn’t allow you to place a heavy sign on the wall. This is when banners come in. Banners are waterproof and durable and advertise your business in the same way a normal sign would.
To attract more people to your business, the best thing to do is to add a custom sign. We can create one just for you. Give us a call so that we can help your business grow.