No one wants to invest in a sign that isn’t effective, because it is a huge waste of money. Make sure that you spend your money wisely by relying on Commonwealth Sign Company! The following is a list of the top 5 tips for effective custom signage in Louisville from the true pros:

  1. Color is good, but too much color isn’t good- Colorful signs are very visible and can easily grab attention, however, a sign that is too colorful will look cluttered. Keep things simple and use two or three of contrasting colors.
  2. Make it visible- Your sign will do you no good if it is in a place where no one can see it! Make sure there are no obstructions in between your sign and its potential viewers! Also, choose a large, easy-to-read font!
  3. Make your sign memorable- People will remember things that they can quickly absorb and understand. Think about common ads, like Nike or McDonald’s. No one is likely to forget “Just do it” or “I’m loving’ it”.
  4. Make impulse buyers notice you- More than half of retail sales are from impulse buyers, so it is important that your sign not only announces your business but also tells the world what you do!
  5. Avoid clutter- Too much information and too many details will make your sign look cluttered and busy. Simplify things by only putting relevant information on your sign. Save the details for your website or for customers that walk through your door!

Even when you follow the above tips, creating an effective sign can be incredibly difficult on your own. Let the experts handle it for you by relying on our talented sign company in Louisville. Contact Commonwealth Sign Company today to get started.