In the 36 years that Commonwealth Sign Company has been around, we have watched trends come and go and come back again. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is the need to put your company’s name up in lights. At Commonwealth, we are here to help you come up with the perfect sign for your business.
Humans are a visual people and our brains are trained to notice lights. But having too many colors on your sign can cause confusion or a headache for your visitors. You want the perfect amount of lights on your sign so that it is easily recognizable and easy to read. You also want the lights on your sign to be visible from the road so that drivers can see it from a distance and be able to turn into the parking lot.
The shape of the sign can convey a message to all of your potential customers. You don’t want just a plain square with your name on it if you want to draw new customers in. McDonald’s has their arches, Guitar Center has a huge guitar and Target has its, well, target. People recognize these signs and think of the comforts of home.
The last thing to consider when it comes to signage is what you want your sign to be made of. Do you want a digital sign so that you can advertise specials with a click of the computer mouse? How about a fresh, clean vinyl sign that shines over the city? You have your choice of custom signage to draw more customers into your business.