Why Our Comprehensive Commercial Signage Options are Unbeatable

When customers drive by your business, what do they see? If the answer is nothing, then you need to seriously rethink your marketing strategy — and, to be more specific, your commercial signage.

The Need For Commercial Signs In Louisville And The Surrounding Area

While e-commerce businesses are more popular than ever these days, there’s still a great need for old-school brick-and-mortar businesses. Your storefront likely serves your community by providing valuable products and/or services to the people who live there, but if they don’t know that your business exists, can’t see your brand name, or just don’t know what you do, then that’s a serious problem.

Fortunately, Commonwealth Sign Company in Louisville, Kentucky can help!

Customized Business Signs Designed Just For You And Your Company

There’s a reason why we’ve used the word “comprehensive” in our blog post title — Commonwealth Sign Company does it all! Here are just several of the many products that we’re able to create for your business:

  • Letter signs
  • Free-standing signs
  • Wall signs
  • Readerboards
  • Electronic message centers
  • Lot lights
  • Vacuum form signs
  • Architectural signs
  • Interior/directional signs
  • And much more — installed and serviced by our team!

Going beyond providing signage for your business, Commonwealth Sign Company works with you during every step of the signage process. Getting the right business signs out in front of your store is a more involved process than most people think, but worry not. Our sign company in Louisville can help in the way of:

  • Design – We create a sign design that you like. It’s your business, after all!
  • Manufacturing and fabrication – After design, we physically create your sign.
  • Installation – Your sign won’t magically be placed, but we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Placement and height advice – Unsure where you want your sign? The experts are here to help.
  • Site Surveys – Let us help plan your sign project on your building site.
  • Permitting – We’re experts in legal matters regarding signage. We’ll make sure that we do it right the first time.
  • Sign Relocation – Need a sign relocated somewhere? Consider us on the job.
  • UL Labeling – We can help provide the marks and labels that your sign needs for certifications, audits, and other purposes.

If You Can Think Of It, We Can Do It!

While our designers are happy to create a sign design from scratch if you’re unsure about design direction for your company’s sign, Commonwealth Sign Company also enjoys collaborating with our valued customers. Working alongside your company during the entire process, we’ll ensure that you’re not only happy with how your custom commercial sign looks, but that it accurately reflects your unique business.

Leasing Options

Need a sign for a temporary amount of time? There are a number of valid reasons why your business should rent or lease a commercial sign as opposed to outright purchasing one beyond financial matters. Learn more about the benefits of leasing a sign and access our leasing application here.

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