Whether you’ve been in business for years or you are opening a new business, the right sign could tremendously help or harm your business. If you feel that your current sign just isn’t driving the results you desire, it’s time to consider replacing your sign with a more visually appealing option. If you are opening a new business, you most likely don’t even know where to begin involving signage. In order to understand the qualities that make up the best signs, it never hurts to look at the most common mistakes business owners make with their signs.


Unless you have a background in art or design, you may not understand the different factors making up visually appealing signage. One of the most important design elements of your sign is contrast, which the Webster-Merriam Dictionary refers to as the “juxtaposition of dissimilar elements.” A good example of contrast is the Christmas colors, red and green. Located directly opposite one another on the color wheel, these colors compliment one another in their difference. Another simple yet striking contrast is the combination of black lettering with a white background. Often, the color of your favorite sports teams feature high contrast, such as purple and gold or blue and orange. Although you want a nice contrast in the colors of your sign, make sure not to go overboard.

Color Overload

Although you want your sign to stand out as much as possible, going overboard with too many colors often makes people cringe. Too many colors can also get jumbled up and make your sign appear too busy. Simplicity and clearness go a long way as far as signs are concerned.

Comic Sans Font

Perhaps the most hated font of all time is the comic sans font, despite it’s ever-constant presence in a variety of publications. Save face and avoid this font at all costs. We have nothing more to say on this point.


If your sign is located by a road, people driving by need to spot it as quickly as possible. Although signs seen close up can look relatively large, they might appear rather small to people driving by. Another important factor to consider is the distance between your place of business and the street. The further away your business is located from the street, the bigger your sign needs to be.


Before commissioning a sign design, take a good look at your location. Are there any obstacles surrounding your place of business, such as trees, bushes, or poles? No matter how large your sign may be, it won’t make a bit of difference if it’s hidden behind a giant tree. Make sure that your sign is placed in a location where it’s easy to see.

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