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Since 1979, Commonwealth Sign Company has offered fast and affordable total project management for signage projects of all types and budgets.

From national, multi-site corporations to small businesses in Metro Louisville, our sign company is dedicated to excellence and craftsmanship in all facets of our business.

Our sign design staff can help take your simplest idea or your most complex concept and make it work. We will help you through challenges related to your location, property restrictions, or special visibility needs.

Commonwealth Sign Company offers custom signs – the design, manufacture, installation, and service of outdoor business signs, including electronic signs. Our expertise in exterior signs includes commercial signs of all kinds, including restaurant signs, hotel signs, healthcare signs, bank signs, and store signs.

We understand that your signs are an extension of your brand and the first impression of your business. Our state-of-the-art design and manufacturing center in Louisville, Kentucky creates a business sign that conveys a high impact, professional, branded identity. Whether your project is local, regional or national, our three decades of experience with custom business signs throughout the United States ensures on-time delivery and professional installation.

Put our experience to work for you.

Louisville is our home, and we’re proud to have long-standing roots in this area. At Commonwealth Sign Company, we believe that a sign can be so much more than a piece of information. Beautifully designed business signs can truly be a work of art, and in this sense, we’re confident that we’re helping make Louisville a more visually appealing city one sign at a time. It’s our passion, and it’s what we’ll continue to do for the long haul.

Are you ready to add to this great and vibrant community? If so, then contact our commercial sign company in Louisville. We’ll help you design, manufacture, install, and maintain your company’s sign. Accurately reflect your business by working with us today.